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Butch Taylor leaves Dave Matthews Band

Breaking News today from Dave Matthews Band, just days before the start of the 2008 Summer Tour.

The message as quoted directly from

Keyboardist Butch Taylor has decided to leave Dave Matthews Band. We are saddened by this sudden news but he has our full support. He’s given so much to us and our audience through the years and he will be missed.


While never an "official" member of Dave Matthews Band, Butch Taylor was very much so, to the band and many fans alike. His contributions have influenced Dave Matthews Bands music not only on the road, but in the studio as well. There are many performances over the years that highlight his work with the band especially on songs like "Jimi Thing", "Bartender", "Two Step" and the beloved "Linus & Lucy" to name a few. His contributions in the studio were heavily influenced on DMB's 2005 effort "Stand Up".

His history with the DMB spans nearly 10 years, playing in every show with the band since the 2000. Butch's first performance with the band date almost 10 years ago to the Foxboro Stadium

At this current time there are no known reasons why he made this decision to leave the band. It is also unknown at this time if there will be a replacement for Butch Taylor. Updates will be posted as more news develops.  

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