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Live Trax: Vol. 12 Announced - 05.05.1995, Salem, OR


Out of the DMB archives comes the oldest show in the Live Trax series. 05.05.1995 - LB Day Amphitheater; Salem, OR. This released surpasses Live Trax 5 for the oldest show to be released.

Volume 12 is solid show consisting of UTTAD and Crash songs with other classics; The Song That Jane Likes, #36 and #40 which was played solo for the first time in this show.

Want a sneak peak?

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Track List:

CD 1

1. Warehouse

2. Recently

3. Dancing Nancies

4. The Song That Jane Likes

5. Proudest Monkey (Instrumental)->

6. Satellite

7. What Would You Say

8. Tripping Billies

9. Drive In Drive Out

CD 2

1. Typical Situation

2. #36 ->

3. Ants Marching

4. #40 (Always)

5. All Along The Watchtower

You can now pre-order this Live Trax on There are many options available. The Pre-order closed on June 27th and the Live Trax will be shipped as soon as July 1st.

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