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2008 DMB News

Dave Matthews plays the Piano, Leroi Plays the Oboe


Dave Matthews Band continued on with the tour debuting more songs in Hartford, CT. There were even a few "firsts" for DMB touring in general. These setlist are arguably some of the most mixed up sets we have seen in years.

On June 13th, DMB busted out "Old Dirt Hill" for the first time full band since 04.29.06 and "Proudest Monkey" for the first time since 09.22.06. With the departure of Butch and the addition of Tim, most of the keys have been replaced by electric guitar, but Dave gave "Out of my Hands" a chance, playing the piano on his own. This has never been done during a full band show, however you may recall Dave doing this only once before at the D&T show at Radio City Music Hall, last April 2007. The road crew listed "Country Jam" before the start of bayou, which was really just the boys improving a bit. Time will tell if this improv every becomes anything more than that.

Night 2, Hartford brought the first ever "Bartender" opener. This song very common as an opener for Dave & Tim shows, never played as a opener full band before last nights show. Not to be outdone, but Leroi Moore pulled out the Oboe during the song, which was a first for DMB fans and the first time he has played that instrument during a live show. Leori has been known for playing a various selection of instruments like, the flute and pennywhistle, but the Oboe is a new addition.

If that wasn't enough, DMB played "new" unreleased song "Can't Stop" for the first time since 09.22.06. Other new songs still yet to be heard again since 06 are "Kill the King" and "Break Free", but if DMB history and this tour has taught us anything, it is that no song is ever really dead, or is it?

Dave Matthews Band continues the tour on Tuesday in NY.