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2008 DMB News

Stefan Lessard Interview on 550 KTRS Talk Radio


Stefan Lessard took some time out of his busy day this past Friday to talk to Mark Christopher on 550 KTRS, a local St. Louis Talk Radio station. Stefan spoke about many topics including playing at Busch Stadium for the first time ever.

DMB have played many stadium shows over the years, but Busch had not yet been on the list. The show took place last night (06.07.08) and played some old favorites, like "Pay For What You Get", "Recently" and "Water/Wine Jam", which had not been seen or heard from since 10.24.96. There were a few covers as all the 08 show have had thus far, a very short #40 tease and new song "#27" was introduced as "Hope You'll Be By Me Then". He also referred to the song as that on 08.07.07. It has yet to be seen if the name will sick or even be recorded.

Stefan also spoke about why Dave Matthews Band decided to play new covers, like Pink Floyd's "Money" and others on the current tour. He also expressed his feelings towards the "new album", which is still in the works and how every member of the band is putting their hearts into the next studio effort, with no time limits. 

The interview covered these topics:

  • Playing Busch Stadium
  • Joining DMB at a young age
  • Preparing for a live show
  • 2 hour soundchecks ??
  • What to do after the show...
  • Happy Birthday Stefan #34
  • How the band chooses the cover songs played during the tour and what songs to play
  • The sound and new music on the new album...
  • Putting their hearts into the new time limit..
  • What does Stefan do for fun?
  • Other musical projects...Grand Canyon Adventure...Yukon Kornelius...