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Carter Beauford featured in pro-mark ad

Carter Beauford is in the recent November 2008 issue of Drum magazine for a pro-mark drumstick advertisment. Carter, sporting none other than the signature pro-mark sticks which he proudly uses and endorses.

In this promotion pro-mark says,

"Choosing the right drumstick is all about feel – a stick's diameter, length, weight, type of wood, taper, tip and finish all determine the way it feels in your hand."

You can clearly see what drum stick Carter uses.

This is not the first ad that Carter has done for pro-mark. His face was not in the ad, but his name was. Advertising the autograph series pro-mark stick which has his name laser onto the stick and can't be purchased and if you lucky to grab one at a show by the man himself, which he throws out to fans night after night.

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