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Dave Matthews Band Spring 2009 Tour Dates on 12/15/08

UPDATE: 02/11/09

Seating assignments have been posted for those who purchased tickets through the warehouse.

December 14th, 2008

Dave Matthews Band fan's have something to celebrate this holiday season. DMB will be announcing Spring 2009 tour dates on Monday, December 15th, 2008! This is the first Spring tour that DMB has done since 2002. Dave Matthews and his comrades have been hard at work putting the final touches on a new studio album that is slated for a Spring 2009 release. It only seems fitting that they would tour to help promote the new album, but touring is far from uncommon for Dave Matthews Band.

All Warehouse members will be able to begin requesting tickets after the tour dates are announced on Monday.

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dmblive offers digital downloads of unreleased shows

Dave Matthews Band has officially announced the arrival of their "new" music and media store, Nearly the entire DMB catalog from studio albums to live trax can be purchased via digital download. MP3's (128 and 256 format) and FLAC (lossless format) can be found throughout the store.

Now introducing DMBlive, Dave Matthews Band is offering what many fans have been longing for...Digital downloads of previously unreleased shows, in all digital formats. These releases are unmixed soundboard quality shows. This new addition to the DMB store follows what other artists like Phish, Pearl Jam and Umphree's McGee have being doing for years, making downloads of their live shows available.

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Dave Matthews on Bob Marley

The current issue of Rolling Stone magazine highlights the "100 Greatest Singers of All Time." Current artists were asked about their thoughts on some of these top singers. Dave Matthews offered his thoughts on Bob Marley and wrote a short article featured in Rolling Stone.

You may remember Dave Matthews article on the band Radiohead in a 2005 issue of Rolling Stone. Radiohead recently signed to Dave Matthews independent record label, ATO Records.

Read Dave Matthews article on Bob Marley

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Live Trax 2008 itunes digital album available on November 13th

If you bought a ticket for the 2008 Dave Matthews Band summer tour via Ticketmaster or the warehouse, your wait is almost over for the FREE digital album as announced before in the spring.

The "Live Trax 2008" album will contain a compilation of the best picks from the 2008 summer tour and will be available via download through the iTunes store. Both Warehouse members and all of those who purchased tickets through Ticketmaster will receive redemption codes via email on Thursday, November 13, 2008.

You will need this redemption code in order to download the album and it will only be available on itunes. Live Trax 2008 will be available for purchase through iTunes US/Canada in mid-December.

Don't have itunes? Download it here. It's free.

UPDATE: 11/11/08

Track List

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New Live DMB Album - Live at Mile Music Festival

Dave Matthews Band has a new live 3 CD release, "Live At Mile High" comes out just in time for Christmas.

Pre-orders for the new release is now available through with various ordering options, like FLAC and MP3 formats as well as bundle packages and will be shipped on December 16th.

While there was a web cast for this show and the entire festival, there will be no official DVD included with this release. This release also does not include a "bonus disc" like many other past release have offer with a pre-order.

The concert took place on July 20th, 2008.

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