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dmblive offers digital downloads of unreleased shows


Dave Matthews Band has officially announced the arrival of their "new" music and media store, Nearly the entire DMB catalog from studio albums to live trax can be purchased via digital download. MP3's (128 and 256 format) and FLAC (lossless format) can be found throughout the store.

Now introducing DMBlive, Dave Matthews Band is offering what many fans have been longing for...Digital downloads of previously unreleased shows, in all digital formats. These releases are unmixed soundboard quality shows. This new addition to the DMB store follows what other artists like Phish, Pearl Jam and Umphree's McGee have being doing for years, making downloads of their live shows available.

While some of these bands including Dave Matthews Band allows taping at their concerts, fans now have an opportunity to collect these shows in soundboard format. It is true that DMB allowed tapers to plug in to their soundboard prior to 1995, making many of these "free" tapes very good quality, however it is already apparent with the few pre-1995 shows released that there are subtle differences. One of the most obvious differences being the tracking. There may also be some of the level alterations on these soundboards making the quality slightly or even much better that the taper pulls.

Either way, you will be purchasing a quality recording and while taper recordings may be just as good, there has already been one show (10.22.94) that was incomplete, missing the last 4 songs of the set which was never captured by tapers, but is now available thanks to dmblive.

dmblive shows currently available at this time are: 01.09.04; 10.22.94; 10.24.02 and  04.06.94, with many more to come soon. All albums are available as full downloads in all formats, but can also be purchased as single tracks in MP3 (256kbps) format only at $1.25 each. will continue to track upcoming dmblive releases.