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Take home Lake City & Grand Canyon Adventure: available on DVD


In stores today on DVD and Blu-ray: Grand Canyon Adventure: River at Risk. Nearly a year ago Stefan Lessard discussed working on this project in multiple interviews.

Grand Canyon Adventure is a documentary about a 15-day river-rafting trip on the Colorado River aimed at highlighting water conservation issues and features a soundtrack which includes 6 DMB songs.

Also on DVD as of March 3rd, "Lake City". This made it's way through select theatres across the country. As of right now "Lake City"  will be available on DVD only.

While DMB is in the midst of finishing up a new studio album and preparing for a Spring and Summer tour the world of acting continues for Dave Matthews. "The Other Side" which is noted to be "in production", (although the status of how far along this project has come is unknown), will be Dave's next acting project. News of "The Other Side" dates all the way back to 2007. Dave has been quoted to be writing original music for the film as well.

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