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Now available on our forum: The new and improved chat room!

You may recall our chatbox from last year. has improved the chat room with many new features this year. 

Some new available features include:

  • View users active in Chat Room
  • Private Messaging
  • Online/Away features
  • Use Chat Room integrated within forum or in a separate window.

The Chat Room will be available for the 2009 Spring/Summer tour setlist discussions as well as new album discussion and other DMB related topics. We hope that will join us in the chat room for dmb discussion as we all anticipate the DMB tour and new studio album.

And while you are on the forum, don't forget to check out our media section full of mp3s and lossless shows and of course, our monthly contests!

How to Use The Chat Room:

1. You must be registered and logged on to our forum. It is FREE!

2. You will need Java installed on your computer in order for the chat room to work properly. If needed, this software is free. Download Java here.

Once you are registered and logged on to our forum you can access the chat room.

Click Here for more details, Rules, and Guideline for the Chat Room.

Cheers and happy chatting!

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