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DBTP Flashback: Dave Matthews at The Prism Coffeehouse

Charlotesville, VA, the birthplace of Dave Matthews Band and common stay for the band at venues like the Floodzone and the legendary Trax nightclub through the early 90's. This was just the beginning for the former bartender.

The Prism Coffeehouse was another historic landmark in Dave Matthews' journey to stardom and sold out stadiums. Through the Prism's 40 years, Dave graced the stage a handful of times, yet never with the band, he delivered some memorable performances.

The Prism was founded by a group of UVa. students in 1966. Up until the mid-70's, the Prism remained a popular venue for local and regional folk performers, many long-forgotten, but Joan Baez once stopped in to introduce her friend Bob Dylan. In 1972 a rising young singer and guitarist from Washington D.C. named Emmylou Harris played at the Prism for the typical .75¢ cover.

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DMB Song Evolution: Warehouse

January, 22nd, 2008 

"That's my blood down there..." 

warehousesmall.jpg“Warehouse” is one of Dave Matthews Band’s oldest and most popular songs. Every since Dave Matthews wrote and performed the song for the first time in 1991, it has become one of their staple songs. “Warehouse” has been played on every tour since its very first live performance, over 600 live performances and counting. Also known as “The Bourbon Song” and “Anytime We Can Stop”, the name that stuck was “Warehouse”

“Warehouse” has been a very enjoyable song to listen to over the years, because of Dave Matthews Band ability of improvisation. While some of their songs have had a very straight forward approach, “Warehouse” is one of many songs that have had some variations during their live performances, keeping it new and fresh.

Before the song was officially released on their first studio album “Under the Table and Dreaming”, the lyrics in the song were varied from time to time. The lyrics became more consistent after that point, but has been played with many interpolations, intros, improv jams, time changes, and a little crowd participation. After the summer of 1994, and the official release of "Warehouse", the last verse evolved beyond the mere repetition of "That's my blood down there".

Most of the time closing with these lyrics:

That's my blood down there.
Seems poured from the hands of angels.
And trickle into the ground.
Leave the Warehouse so bare and empty.
And my heart's numbered beat,
will echo in this empty room.
And the fear wells in me.
Til nothing seems big enough to stay
So, I'm going away.
I'm going away.
Lucky, lucky day.

Lyrics can be interpreted many ways. Everyone who listens to any of DMB’s songs may interpret them in a different ways, but every song has its story and there are some themes in the song “Warehouse" that many can agree on.

Superstition is a common theme that is apparent in the song…with lyrics like:

"The black cat changing colors
I can walk under ladders
And swim as the tides choose to turn me"

Overall, the song is about your mind. The Warehouse being a metaphor for your mind and memories that you hold.  

Steve aka ToothPicVic wrote a very detailed interpretation of "Warehouse" on an online message board in November of 2002.

newsicon.jpg Click Here to read Steve's Warehouse interpretation.

Some have questioned Dave Matthew’s inspiration for the lyrics. There is a “Pink Warehouse” located in Charlottesville, Virginia where Dave worked and lived for some time. Dave was known for visiting that Warehouse from time to time and the roof of the pink warehouse was where Dave Matthews Band performed one of their very first shows.

WHLogo.jpgWhether inspired by the song or not, the one and only official Dave Matthew Band Fan Association was named "Warehouse". Founded on December 4th, 1998, Warehouse gives fan early access to concert tickets, exclusive CDS and merchandise to its members. The current fee for membership is $35 per year, up from the original price of $30.

"Warehouse" has been placed all over the setlists through the years. It has frequently opened shows and closed them as well. By 1996, "Warehouse" was frequently followed by Dancing Nancies. This one-two combo was very common through 90's and still occasionally get's played in that fashion at least a few times each tour. Dave Matthews Band are consistently changing thier setlists, but the Nancies - Warehouse combo has always been a favorite for them and the fans alike.

One thing that is clear about this particular song is that it is not going anywhere. "Warehouse" will never be one of those songs that come and go, like other songs have in the past. The only thing that is unknown is how the band will continue to play the song in future tours.

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