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Dave Matthews Band Throws a "Beach Ball"


...or a curve ball, however you want to look at it. Dave Matthew Band played new song, "Beach Ball" last night in Alpharetta, GA. "Beach Ball" was just announced days ago as one of four songs that would appear on the Bonus Disc available with the purchase of the "Super Deluxe" Package of Big Whiskey and the GrooGrux King.

Since the start of the Spring Tour, DMB have been playing new songs: "Funny The Way It Is", "Why I Am" and "Spaceman" from the new studio album. While it is not too surprising that DMB would only debut a few new songs prior to the albums release (June 2nd), it was probably more than unexpected to see a "b-side" or bonus track from the album performed live!

More new songs from the album are very likely to be played in heavy rotation as the Summer tour kicks off, but with the performance of "Beach Ball". it does pose the question if other "b-side" and/or unknown tracks will be performed live this year.

Anything is possible at a DMB show and there are no exceptions this year. DMB has already been off to  a roaring start with a total of 49 different songs played after only two weeks! And Dave loves to tease, riffing "Last Stop" and "Blue Water", which has been played partially with it's longest performance yet in Nashvile last Saturday.

Speaking of teases, Dave sang a few lyrics of Tex Ritter's, "Rye Whiskey" a cappella on 04/28/09. What was just a tease one night turned into a complete full band version the next...

The Spring tour rolls along tomorrow night in The Woodlands, TX. What will DMB do next?!