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It All Comes Down To One Thing

Could there be a better day than Mardi Gras to come back and write for Don’t Burn The Pig? Hardly! What with the band’s 7th studio album, “Big Whiskey and The Groogrux King” being recorded in the Big Easy, and the name of that record having sprung from Dave’s interaction with a local wanderer in need. Plus, the cover of that album reminded many of a Mardi Gras parade, and, of course, who could forget “Alligator Pie,” where Stella finally got into one of her daddy’s songs, which, by the way, depicted the destruction that Hurricane Katrina dished onto New Orleans’ 9th ward. For all of these reasons DMB will always be as New Orleans as a po boy to me.

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Big Whiskey Impressions

One of the most beautiful things about Dave Matthews Band is their ability to develop and translate their songs on the live stage. Whether it’s an improved jam or a new arrangement to an old classic, there is something about hearing and seeing DMB songs live that keeps fans coming back for more.

One of the biggest questions that come to mind is what they will play and how these songs will be played? Through the years, DMB have been constantly changing their sound and style which as artists, should be done. No rock band can withstand 20 years of touring and recording without exploring their art form, and no one wants to hear the same show and songs over and over.

Even better, getting songs never heard before or songs that they feel the need to bust out just because they are feeling it at the time. Perfect example of that in 2010 are songs like “Break for It” and “Black Jack”. You don’t know what to expect, and sometime neither does DMB. What else is there to do but, just take it all in!

Big Whiskey and the Groogrux King”, arguably one of their best studio efforts since “Before These Crowded Streets”, has translated to the live stage very well and has been well received by fans. The dynamic of the band and this album has drastically changed with the lack of our beloved saxophonist LeRoi Moore, but his spirit and the band musicianship has held strong.

At this point in the 2010 tour, many have likely had a chance to hear the “new” Big Whiskey songs live at shows and even have seen some progression in these tunes since 2009.

My first impressions of the Big Whiskey tunes live on stage were nothing short of amazing.

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Dave Matthews Band at Austin City Limits Studio

Don't Forget to tune in

UPDATE 10/02/09: will be streaming the Austin City Limits Festival starting Friday, October 2nd. Don't miss DMB's performance on October 3rd. Watch the PBS performance here

October 3rd will be the season premiere of "Austin City Limits" will feature Dave Matthews Band - for further details, please check your local listings and view the entire ACL schedule.

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Dave Matthews Band Upcoming Television Schedule

UPDATE 09/20/09:
Dave Matthews Interview Featured on CNN Headline News (HLN)

During DMB’s recent tour stop in Los Angeles, CNN caught up with the band and spent some time with Dave. An interview with Dave and performance footage from the Greek Theatre will be featured on HLN throughout the day on Sunday, September 20th and on Live on Monday, September 21st.

UPDATE 09/15/09: Watch the full Tavis Smiley interview with Dave Matthews here.

Update from The Ellen Degeneres show website:

"They'll be performing "You and Me" from their #1 album "Big Whiskey and the GrooGrux King." Since it's their first time here, I'll find a way to make their performance extra special!"

Watch video of DMB on Ellen

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