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Steve Lillywhite found Machead


Machead, the long lost song from the "Before These Crowded Streets" sessions has been in hiding all these years and today producer Steve Lillywhite (@Sillywhite) posted on his twitter "Machead found.... Will keep you posted."

This twitter post came one day after his conversations with listeners on his radio show "The Lillywhite Sessions" which airs every Tuesday from 2-4pm EST on East Village Radio. He discussed topics about Dave Matthews Band and took questions from listeners many of which were about "Before These Crowded Streets" which he produced. Steve mentioned that has a copy of MacHead on a cassette somewhere, and it seems today he found it!

The name "Machead" first appeared in a photo which was a list of working titles from the BTCS sessions. Lillywhite named Machead during the sessions because of the sounds which reminded him of a mix of Paul McCartney and Radiohead sounds in the same song. Some of the other "working titles" during the BTCS sessions were finalized and renamed and are now part of what is arguably one of DMB's best pieces of work. Machead on the other hand was never completed and was basically thrown away. This confirmed by Boyd Tinsely who was asked about the song in 2006 and simply said that is was a song they were working on for BTCS, but never got completed before the album was finished. 

Fans have longed to hear this unfinished song...maybe another gem in the DMB catalog, but with every album there are unfinished songs and b-sides, some of which we surely know nothing about except for the band. Machead for so many years has been known by it's name. What it sounds like only few can tell.

Lillywhite has Machead in his hands. What will he do with it and will it ever surface? Only time will tell, but if we have waited this long, we might be waiting a little longer...

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