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The Deed is Done
Recently, news has surfaced about new and exciting projects concerning different members of the Dave Matthews Band. Specifically, Yukon Cornelius, Stefan Lessard’s creation, is set to announce summer tour dates soon, and Dave has worked with Liz Phair on a new compilation which includes a song called “You Should Know Me,” where Dave plays guitar. But one contemporary announcement, it seems, has stirred up a bit of controversy for the ensemble.

Tonight, in Arlington, Texas, the Dave Matthews Band will play a corporate gig for Altria Group, the parent company of the major tobacco producer, Philip Morris. Many fans have mixed feelings about this event, as it seems largely uncharacteristic for DMB to play for a company who is known for manufacturing carcinogens. It just seems out of place for a band who devotes so much of their celebrity to green and healthy causes. Personally, I have always battled allergies, and cigarette smoke is one of my greatest pet peeves, so this news has not settled too well with me. And yet, I recognize in this situation, a worthy opportunity to work with both acceptance and tolerance, two qualities that can enlighten even the dampest of circumstances.
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Lights Down
This is a bittersweet time to be a Dave Matthews Band fan. On the one hand, we just topped off almost twenty years of touring with an amazing finale, full of outstanding performances that were jam packed with enormous variety and unmistakable vitality. Those who were lucky enough to attend last weekend’s Charlottesville shows were treated to nearly 50 different tracks, (including a double encore!) over two nights of pure musical bliss. And, most everyone, who got to a Fall concert, was fortunate enough to hear “The Last Stop,” which is always a crowd pleaser. But, as much as we all want to hear that song, the majority of us would rather not think about it’s shadowy significance.

By now, even casual observers of the band are aware that DMB will not be touring next year. I realized this when the teenager in front of me in Atlanta informed me that Dave will be “retiring” in 2011. While I did my best to set the record straight, I would be lying if I said that those words weren’t hanging on me like a wet rag. It’s hard enough to stomach the idea of one summer without hearing these musicians live. I don’t even want to imagine what it would be like to know that these spectacular evenings of sound would continue to exist solely in our memories. Of course, at the same time, I completely respect and applaud these men for taking a well-deserved break for themselves and their families. I can only contemplate how draining it must be for them to live a traveling life.
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All the World is Gumball Shaped
I have been planning this article for months! Well, except that I had no idea what it would actually be about. What I mean is, that ever since I made arrangements to see the Dave Matthews Band next week in Atlanta, I’ve been looking forward to mentioning the one song that I want to hear most at that show, hoping that serendipity would work her magic, and somehow land the aforementioned tune a spot on next Tuesday night’s setlist. You see, ever since I have been writing these posts, I have noticed a strange, yet comforting phenomenon, where the tracks that I speak of suddenly appear, sometimes after long absences, on stage. It’s not that I believe that I am causing these things to occur, (I’m not that crazy!), it’s just that synchronicity is that powerful. But hey, if I come to find that someone from the band is actually reading these pieces, then that would be all the more amazing! So, Dave, if you would like to dedicate a song to the psychologist who writes spiritually themed, eccentric works about how much she loves your music, please, be my guest!
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Dancing in the Risk of DMB
Yesterday, a friend asked me how my “love/obsession” for the Dave Matthews Band began. This was a surprising question since my “un-Daved” cohorts are generally trying to steer me away from this subject, rather than be subjected to one more enthusiastic pitch for the most fantastic group of musicians ever! But this brave soul invited me to share the roots of my fandom, and it got me thinking about the meaning of true love.
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Best Intentions
When I was in college, I wrote a term paper on the social mores and norms of the people who followed The Grateful Dead. Minoring in sociology, I’ve always been fascinated by group behavior and the way in which cultural surroundings, including music, affect us individually. Thinking back to that assignment, what stands out for me were the patterns of sharing and generosity present between “Dead-heads,” and the fact that these same traditions exist among “Dave-heads” as well.
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Light Lift Me Up
For the past month or so, I’ve been texting one of my friends daily DMB facts to fuel her enthusiasm for our upcoming trip to see the band in Atlanta. Today’s tidbit read, “DMB in Argentina!” Normally, I choose entirely more obscure pieces like, “Stefan found a tape indicating that the first show wasn’t Earth Day, as was previously thought, but March 14th, 1991, instead!” or “Dave says they play ‘Seven’ all the time because he likes it!”, but it seems to me that when your favorite musicians are overseas, it deserves attention. I don't know if it's because my husband is from Argentina, and I have every intention of seeing the boys play there at some point, or possibly because I am hugely curious about the ambiance and logistics of South American shows, but regardless, part of my brain has been floating down the Amazon this week.
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Rhyme and Reasoning
One of the things that I love about psychology is the fact that, as far as sciences go, it is a relatively young one. This means that many of the biggest pioneers in the field are still alive, and new findings are continually being introduced. One such discovery, is the idea that our brains are truly relational entities. Largely through the work of Dan Siegel, M.D., we are becoming aware of the influence that relationships have on our brains, as well as, the fact that these organs have the capacity to develop new pathways throughout our entire life-span. This translates to the potential to learn more flexible and balanced ways to approach formerly stressful situations. In discussing the concept of “mirror neurons,” Dr. Siegel has enlightened us to the way in which close proximity to one another encourages parts of our brains to function with interpersonal synchronicity. This is very exciting news, on many levels, but particularly for those of us who are in the healing arts.
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