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Carter Beauford in Italian Magazine Batteria & Percussion


Carter Beauford appeared in the October issue of the Italian magazine, Batteria & Percussion. DMBrasil and Con-Fusion did an outstanding job in arranging the interview and translating it into several languages. You can read the entire interview.

Carter discusses various details of his drumming style, musical influences, his long relationship with Dave as well as the recording process behind "Big Whiskey and the GrooGrux King"

The interviewer also had a chance during the press conference to ask Dave Matthews about Carter which he replied:

"I must say that for this new album, but also for other things we have written before, some songs were created thinking about how Carter would play them, and came out of improvisations we did together on other occasions. When I write my songs I´m always very excited just thinking about Carter´s interpretation of the song. A great example of what I´m talking about is one of the new songs in this album, which is called ´Seven´. It´s a very complicated song, because of the changes in tempo, but he made everything so fluid, made the music so simple and easy that it makes you want to dance, instead of complicating it further. He´s a very intelligent musician and a craftsman of his instrument. There are many musicians who are able to show everything they can do, but there are not very many who can make you understand what they are doing".

Carter Beauford was also featured in the September 2009 issue of DRUM! Magazine.