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Dave Matthews Band, The Gorge, 2011


There is no Dave Matthews Band tour in 2011, but "never say never" always seem to be the famous last words. Yes, we all know there is going to be no tour, but what 2011 could bring is still to be determined.

According to an interview by Seattle Weekly yesterday, Dave Matthews spoke about not touring in 2011.

"For the last ten years, by this stage of this year, I would know what I was doing for at least six months of next year," Matthews told us in a phone interview from his home in Wallingford this afternoon. "I want to stop that from happening for a year. And then, if we decide, well there's this cool thing happening here, why don't we go play there. I really enjoy playing the Gorge. I haven't decided on it, but maybe we'll do something like that or a version of that."

While it is of course still a long shot, who is to say that DMB wouldn't come out of hiding for a show or two, especially for a venue like the gorge.

Either way, DMB deserves a long overdue break from touring, but even with no tour there is still plenty of excitement with the notion of "what will they do with their time off?". Who's to say we won't see a show or two next year. Time will tell, but there is always hope.