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Dave Matthews inspired new Signature Taylor Guitar


Dave Matthews is adding another Taylor guitar to his collection of guitars that include a 914ce, 856ce, 714ce, and W65.

A new 914se (DMSM) guitar that Dave Matthews himself helped design in collaboration with Taylor. They are releasing this guitar as the "Dave Matthews Signature Model".

Dave Matthews provided the sketch for the newly redesigned guitar as a tribute to LeRoi Moore aka "Grux". The crown inlay between the 11th and 12th frets, incorporating ball-tipped points with one ball partially missing in his memory (just like on the Big Whiskey album covers) and Moore’s nickname, “Grux,” is inlaid between the 13th and 18th frets. The headstock inlay also was developed from a sketch by Dave.

The DMSM is based on Matthews' "number one guitar," the Taylor 914ce, a model he says "has a really genuine, wonderful acoustic sound" and "is consistent...and on top of that, the guitar itself is really beautiful. I'll just go to it no matter what."

The new guitar is now available at authorized domestic and international Taylor dealers at a suggested retail price of $5,428. So if you have any extra cash laying around...