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Dave Matthews talks about 2011


In a recent interview with, Dave Matthews opened up about taking a break from touring in 2011, something that he had been contemplating for some time, but it was never the "right time".

"I certainly feel an obligation to the people that support the uniqueness of the band's career and have made it...sort of habitual or a moment of quite a few people's summers, it would be, I guess, ungrateful to not say everything. I felt that about everyone me as well, the crew and the band and the people that work with us. I wanted to give everyone a long heads-up."

In the announcement from the band they state "We're excited to make this summer one of our best tours yet, and look forward to returning to the road in 2012." This seems to be open for interpretation for many fans. Will they be back or not? But in the billboard interview Dave Matthews says he has "every intention of going back to these same people."

Time will only tell, but it seems very unlikely that Dave or the band would have any reason not to tour after 2010. Dave Matthews is always working and mentions that he has a few new songs that he has been "messing around with", but is not sure if he will be ready to play them during this current tour.

Whatever Dave Matthews and the band decide to do with their time off it is well deserved and we presume that there will be plenty to look forward to during the extended off-season...