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DMB 2010 Tour is off to a blazing Start


This past weekend in Hartford, CT, Dave Matthews Band kicked off the 2010 Summer tour with 2 stellar shows full of big surprises for fans!

Anticipation for this tour doubled when the band announced that they would be taking a year off in 2011.

DMB started the tour off with "JTR" and proceeded to please fans with "Hello Again", "Busted Stuff" and "Kit Kat Jam". Songs of which have not been played live for over 1000+ days. To top off the evening DMB played songs old and new with a rendition of "Dancing Nancies" with the crowd nearly singing the entire song while Dave and the band played along. If that wasn't enough, they opened the encore with new song: "Break For It" (aka Run While We Can) a song that had been soundchecked, but never played live at a show. 

Dave Matthews Band continued on the second night to revive some lesser played song over the years and performed "So Right", "Sweet Up & Down" and snuck in a partial "Stand Up" after "Cornbread" which was not originally on the setlist.

Even after only two shows you can conclude that the band is exited to be back on the road again and will be making the most of this tour as they have already begun digging into the DMB catalog.

Songs that were soundchecked in Hartford, yet not played where, "Smooth Rider", "Lover Lay Down", "Good Good Time", "Beachball" and "Cry Freedom". Only two shows in and the best is surely yet to come. The tour continues on Tuesday in Toronto, Canada.

You can download all these highlights from Hartford and the entire 2010 Summer Tour, right here on