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UPDATE: July 21st, 2010

(This contest is now over)

Minarets although a partial was liberated last night.. (and 36 doesn't really count even if it is a reprise, but it wasn't selected by anyone anyway, so I am removing that from the list.)

Updated List of Songs Played 7/21


Hello Again

Busted Stuff

Kit Kat Jam

So Right

Sweet Up and Down

Stand Up (partial)

Digging a Ditch


The Last Stop (tease)

The Idea of You

Cry Freedom

Can't Stop

Some Devil

What Would You Say

Drive In Drive Out

What You Are

Good Good Time (tease)

Minarets (partial)

Theses are a list of songs that were chosen in this contest, but still have not been played.

(and yes there are still others that have not been selected yet and haven't been played.. SO YOU CAN STILL ENTER THIS CONTEST!)

You Never Know



Break Free

Crazy Easy


Fool to Think

American Baby

Let You Down

American Baby Intro

Monkey Man


Stolen Away on 55th & 3rd

I Did It


UPDATE: June 1st, 2010

We are only 2 shows into the summer tour and we already have seen "JTR", "Hello Again", "Busted Stuff", "Kit Kat Jam" and "So Right" come back from a long hiatus!

With these songs put 11 DMB fans in the running for our Ipod giveaway!

These songs are now off the list, but you can still enter! So what other song do you think will return in 2010? Enter today and you may have a shot at winning a 160gb iPod!

March 31st, 2010

1997 got its first official live release as Volume 17 of the Live Trax series. As we anticipate the Summer tour ahead we thought we would give away a couple copies of these Live Trax!

Entering to win a copy of Live Trax 17 is easy. On our forum a question was posed "What songs would you like to see return for Summer Tour 2010"

Many songs have been named, but as a spin off we want to know: What song do you think WILL return during the 2010 Summer Tour?

During the European tour Dave Matthews Band busted out Peter Gabriel's "Sledgehammer" (last played on 09.10.2008), "Sugar Will" (last played on 08.30.2008) and "Big Eyed Fish" (last played on 09.12.2006)

The potential for other dormant songs to be played once again is there, but what does DMB have in store for 2010?


1. Tell us ONE song you thing will be played again during the 2010 tour after not being played for at least a year. Post in this thread on our forum (registration is required...its FREE!) Your post will be your entry for the Live Trax Volume 17 giveaway.

(**This means name any song NOT PLAYED during the 2009 tour and excluding the recent debuts of Sugar Will, Big Eyed Fish and Sledgehammer**)

2. You may post only one song. 1 entry per person

3. On Monday, April 26th drawings will be made for the winners of Live Trax 17.

BUT WAIT! The contest is not over!

4. If the song you selected does get played during the 2010 Summer Tour, you will be entered into an additional drawing for other DMB giveaways as well as a shot to win a 160GB iPod.

What if DMB doesn't rehash songs from their catalog?

Pretty unlikely, but in the event that would happen, everyone who entered in the Live Trax 17 portion of this contest would be entered into Ipod drawing as well. Also if none of the songs that you selected get played, then everyone would also be automatically entered into the second part of the giveaway.

So what are you waiting for? Enter the contest today!

Good Luck and all of us at look forward to and outstanding 2010 season!