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The Write to Heal Contest!

UPDATE 09/30/12: This contest is now over. Thank you to all who entered!

August 19th marked the anniversary of an enormous loss. That was the day the world lost one of the greatest horn players of all time. LeRoi Holloway Moore was a founding member of the Dave Matthews Band, and his legacy will never be forgotten. It's hard to believe it's been four years since he gave up his ghost. The contributions that LeRoi offered to DMB are innumerable, but one thing that Dave said of LeRoi has always stuck out in my mind. That is that LeRoi believed that music must be honest. If nothing else, the musicians must always strive to tell the truth through the chords, lyrics, and rhythmic beats that make up their collective voice.

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Away From The World Album Giveaway

We are exactly 49 days away from the release of Dave Matthews Band's 8th studio album, "Away From The World".

What better way to celebrate the release of DMB's new album than with an album giveaway! will be giving away multiple copies of the new studio album and now is your chance to enter and win!

This giveaway is now over, thank you to all who entered!

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