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Hello dmb fans,


September 1st will be dbtp's 4 year Anniversary!

We have come a long way in 4 years and we hope to continue to provide an abundance of new DMB content along with many new and updated features.

Our plan, with your help, is to continue to provide even more DMB News and Articles, Mp3s, Contests and giveaways, pictures and and even more up-to-date forum and website.

One of our key goals is to eliminated the usage of sendspace and offer all dmb content media on our on dedicated server. Faster downloads for everyone.


We are coming to the time of the year where yearly fees are due and if we want to continue to move forward, we have to pay bills.

For the love of DMB and our continuing efforts here on we are trying to raise money so we can do so.

Any donation, small or large, will go towards all fees required to maintain and run this website.

$1 or $100, it doesn't matter, any and all donations made are greatly appreciated and will only benefit the future of

Special thanks to our staff, which consists of very helpful volunteers and DMB fans.

All of us here at thank you for support and contributions! Thank you!

Click Here to Donate.

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