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Dave Matthews joins Obama Rally

Obama Rally 2012.jpg

It is next to impossible to avoid the swarm of politcal ads that have been overtaking all medium resources. This weekend leading in to Monday is the final push before what will be a historic election for the United States of America.

PLEASE VOTE this Tuesday, November 6th, you can't afford not to.

In these final days, candidates are focusing on the "swing" states that may make or break this election for them.

This evening in Bristow, Virginia at the Jiffy Lube Live, Dave Matthews will join President Barack Obama and President Bill Clinton to rally citizens one last time before the big day...

Dave Matthews has claimed his support for Obama in 2008 and continues to stand by Obama in 2012. Dave has done various other events in the past urging citizens of this great country to VOTE!

You can still get a free ticket to this event.

On Sunday, November 4th, Dave will visit Aurora’s Community College of Aurora in Colorado. Both performances will be solo.

Meanwhile, Republican candidate, Governor Mitt Romney will be visiting Ohio, Iowa and Colorado this weekend.

No matter where you stand on the issues that face this country or if you may attend a rally, just to see one of your favorite rock artists, please vote on Tuesday!