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One Day Without Shoes


TOMS Shoes is hosting a worldwide event on April 10th, 2012 called "One Day Without Shoes" The action is simple, but the cause is great!

The "One Day Without Shoes" event challenges everybody around the world to go barefoot for an entire day to show awareness of what children and adults are forced to go through every day in developing countries because they aren't blessed with the opportunity to have shoes like we are in America.

Dave Matthews Band is a TOMS supporter and teamed up with TOMS shoes in the past.  They even had "DMB TOMS Shoes" made supporting the "One for One" movement. "One for One" is simple and you can take action right now. Buy a pair of TOMS Shoes and they will give a new pair of shoes to a child in need. is calling DMB fans to take action, show compassion and love to support a great cause.

Right now, DBTP is taking donations to not only support our efforts to offer the best DMB content that we can, but also to reach out and help others in need who really have nothing. Music inspires our souls and hearts though this band and we all know the passion Dave Matthews has for many different charities.

We know times are tough right now, but wants to help TOMS Shoes, so we are asking for donations, big or small, DBTP will take part of your donations an will be giving it to the Department of Human Services & Foundation for Foster Children. Give back, sharing DMB love for those in need.

Click for more donation info

DBTP, TOMS Shoes and the Department of Human Services Thanks you, and don't forget to kick off your shoes on April 10th.