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Will We Overcome This?


Today, September 25th, 2012 is National Voter Resistration Day. A day in which many organizations band together to get millions Americans to register to vote. Some who may never have consider voting or many might not even know how to register. Whatever the case may be, the point is to get Americans registered to vote.

In honor of this day DMB released an updated version of thier video of "Mercy"

It is no mystery that Dave Matthews speaks his mind about politics (who recently chatted with CNN) and is a proudly supports the importance of voting in this country. Dave Matthews Band has been involved with organization for many years. I am sure a few of you have bumped into one of their representatives a few times at show. 


You know the ones, holding one of these fancy clipboards! -->

But seriously, the presidential election is 41 days away and America has an important decision to make and the need for voting and never been more urgent. 

This is not a political website, we are a fan site for Dave Matthews Band, so while Dave has publicly endorsed Barack Obama, that is not our opinion to push on you. 

Whether you are supporting Obama, Romney or neither political party in this upcoming election, that is your decision to make, but what we do ask, as DMB fans, as citizens of this great country, is to VOTE on November 6th!

I commonly hear people say, "I am not going to vote because I don't like either nominee". That may seem logical to some, but you are throwing away the rights that so many men and woman faught and died for!

Whatever issues you are facing right now we are praying for you. So many Americans are without jobs, homeless, families struggling to make ends meet and are scraping to feed and clothe their children. This is not a fairytale, this is not a story, this is America in 2012. 

Will we overcome this? Register to Vote today, and vote on November 6th!

"Together we stand, divided we fall"