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Dave Matthews Featured in March 2013 Relix Magazine


The March 2013 issue of Relix magazine is now on newsstands and features Dave Matthews Band yet again.

"Tom Moon hit the road with the veteran band during their recent winter tour and figures out how these seven musicians have kept their conversations engaging, night after night, for more than 20 years."

You can now purchase this issue at your local news stand or online. If you have a smartphone or tablet you can order a digital copy of the magazine for $2.99. 

Tom spent time with the band during the past Winter tour observing a day in the life of DMB and what makes them tick. With the opportunity to interview each band member and get their perspective on why thousands of fans, year after year, continue to crave live DMB shows. Not only fans, but what keeps Dave Matthews Band tour after over 20 years. 

Carter Beauford explains that "When we play, we try to turn the music into a living thing. I see so many bands doing their music just like the record. I'm like, 'Don't tell the story the same way every time. Give it some different punctuation.'"

If you have ever experienced DMB live, you know that they try to do just that. With years of touring comes fans who religiously follow them to their favorite spots every year. 

Dave Matthews notes that "I've noticed lately, that there's this large contingent of our audience that doesn't want our hits. We start playing one of our radio songs and you can almost hear them groaning." But he also adds that in a way, this is all he could ever hope for:"Because it says that our listeners really are about the journey."

What has always set Dave Matthews Band apart from the rest is the fact that they are about the music. Not the stardom, money or perks that come along with being a rock star (although I am sure they don't mind it). It's always been about the music, and that is what translates onto the stage and why they have been successful as a live act for so many years.