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Sneek Peak at 2013 DMB Tour Stage Set


Newsplex recently caught up with lighting director Fenton Williams who is currently stationed at the John Paul Jones Arena setting up and working on the new set that  Dave Matthews Band will use in its upcoming tour.

The crew has been building the set at the John Paul Jones Arena in Charlottesville, VA for the past two weeks.

"On Thursday the crew was installing what they call a "video wall." It is 60 feet long and 20 feet high, and it curves around the stage. During concerts, the screen will show live video of the band and other original videos created by the crew. Williams says the curved design will make it easier for all fans in the arena to enjoy the show."

After 20 years with Dave Matthews Band it comes as no surprise that Fenton is yet again setting the bar high when it comes to the lighting and stage set up. Every tour has brought view or aspect that fans had not seen the year prior.

The 2013 Summer Tour will kick off on May 17th in Woodlands, TX.

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Some additional screen shots of the 2013 DMB Stage set