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It’s almost safe to say that nothing is improbable for Dave Matthews Band. After all, that is what keeps fans going to multiple shows year after year. The 2013 summer tour has been no exception to this rule by any means, and there are 10 shows to go. Notably the diversity in the set lists have been among the most complex we have seen in years (even for a non-album tour).

We are not going to highlight the entire tour (you can check out our tour highlights for that), but we do want to point out a few specific items about this tour which have been quite spectacular.

So by now we are sure you have heard DMB broke out “Crazy Easy” for the first time in just short of 9 years. This is probably the most significant liberated song since the return of “#34” on July 9th, 2005, which remained dormant for a little over 12 years.

Whatever influenced “Crazy Easy” to be played again is not relevant, but you would be lying to yourself if you were expecting to see this song pop up on a set list.

The 2004 versions of “Crazy Easy” are incomparable, but you can tell that these recent performances have some reworked lyrics, though unfinished, hint that this song never really died completely.  

Yet, that wasn’t even the longest drought of the tour revived. “True Reflections” blew some minds in Mansfield, MA on June 15th, which had not been played with the band since July 29th, 2003. A shock to see, but maybe not nearly as much as CE because of rarity and lack of play.

The partial “#34” that Dave played on June 28th was a beautiful tribute to a friend, whom unknowing to him or the band would be the last show. 5 years to the date, it is a moment I won’t soon forget. That song you can bank on never being played full again.

The future and set lists are wide open when it comes to this band and that is why we will keep going to shows, so yes, a full “Blue Water” may not be out of the question, I am pretty sure Dave still thinks “Spotlight” is a turd.

In a Rolling Stone article just posted yesterday, “50 Greatest Live Acts Right Now”. Dave Matthews Band placed 24 out of 50. I would have even placed Paul McCartney higher on that list, but that is just one person’s opinion. The one thing they do mention about DMB is that they still know how to surprise their fans and shake up their set lists, and this tour has been a perfect example.

As we mentioned earlier, set lists have been the most unique we have seen in recent years. Coming off an album tour they have been digging out songs though the DMB catalog, some song of which have only be played a couple times on the tour.

Guests on the tour have made for some highlight performances to remember as all tours do. Stanley Jordan joins they band again this year for a performance on “Cry Freedom” on May 22nd which is incredible among many others. Carlos Malta and Mark Whitfield have joined the boys on stage as well and Brandi Carlile lent her vocals on “Spoon”.

Cover songs have been huge highlights too with Tom Petty’s “Runnin’ down a Dream” and John Denver's "Take Me To Tomorrow". “Good Time, Bad Times” and “(Don’t Fear) The Reaper have also reemerged again after being played a few times during the 2011 Caravan shows.

Good luck calling the opener, and get to a show if you can, it will be worth it! We look forward to 10 more summer shows, South Africa and whatever comes after.

Don’t burn the day…