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New DMBLive Release from March 3rd, 1999


Along with the announcement of the 2014 Summer Tour dates a new release of DMBLive was added to the dmb store. This show is available now, performed at Kingsbury Hall in Salt Lake City, UT on March 3rd, 1999 and offers some awesome variations of classic DMB tunes. The new digital download features Dave Matthews and Tim Reynolds during their run of shows in 1999. 

These tapes in particular are true gems and a must have for any DMB fan's collection. This release is a first for release for some of these songs as an official release, especially being a Dave & Tim shows. 

If you need some extra convincing here is some description of this release via the dmb store:

In January 1999, Dave and Tim embarked on their longest tour - 39 shows spread across the country, largely played in theaters and college auditoriums. Unique versions of older songs, new covers and tracks from Before These Crowded Streets – performed acoustic for the first time – played a prominent role in the tour setlists. For our next DMBLive, we have selected our first show from this tour - a late stop at Kingsbury Hall on the University of Utah's campus. 

Highlights of this release include the first Dave and Tim version of The Last Stop (a song that the duo has only played one other time) & Stay (Wasting Time) - which was played in 6/8 time for most of that tour. Both of these Dave and Tim songs are being released for the first time! Also included is an early version of Bartender that at this point was beginning to resemble the song that it would become, and Seek Up, which contains the outro that outside of this tour has only been performed during full band shows. Finally, new covers only played that tour include Lyle Lovett's If I Had a Boat & The Rolling Stones' Wild Horses, the latter played on 12-string guitars. Those two songs, along with both of Tim's solos, are making their live release debut. 3.3.99 J.T. Kingsbury Hall, Salt Lake City, UT, has been digitally mastered and is available in its entirety. 

Appropriate timing as Dave & Tim will spend January 15th and 16th in New Orleans at Saenger Theatre

Give this show a listen and be sure to check out some of the other DMBLive shows

Two Step
The Stone
Too Much    
Last Stop    
Lie In Our Graves    
Stay (Wasting Time)    
One Sweet World        
Bartender > Don't Drink the Water     
To Touch Yearning    
Crash Into Me    
Jimi Thing    
Seek Up        
Tripping Billies    
If I Had a Boat    
I'll Back You Up    
Chartterbox > Hopeful Heresy > Chatterbox            
Wild Horses    
Dancing Nancies    
Typical Situation    
All Along the Watchtower