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2014 DBTP Server/Hosting Fundraiser


Happy New Year!

We are excited to embark on a new year of DMB adventures. The 2013 tour was above and beyond what anyone could have anticipated and only time will tell what the boys have in store for 2014.  

Already we have news of some work in the studio in November with Rob Cavallo, whom also produced 2009’s “Big Whiskey” and a side venture with Jacob Dylan with their band “The Nauts” which will defiantly raise more curiosity in 2014.

But don’t worry, the Summer Tour will be in full force as usual, and will bring you all the tour highlights and updates, news and articles as we always do, as well as many more new website features.

This time of year is crucial for DBTP as we prepare for the year and have to pay all of our server and hosting fees which keeps our site running as efficient and smoothly as possible.

We cover as many costs as we can on our own, but we need your help to meet our goal to survive another year.

Our hosting fees seem to increase with every passing year, but to put it into some perspective for you, if 130 DMB fans donate just $5.00 we will reach our goal for 2014 and will have our fees covered trough 2015!

Of course any donation amount is welcome and greatly appreciated. In addition as we will have some great DMB giveaways for the highest donors!

Thank you for 8 year of DMB on