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2015 Goals & Lossless Shows

We hate asking for $, but in order to keep this website running through 2015 into the following year we are asking for your help with a donation. Big or small. We appreciate the love you have given through the years and hopefully as you read on you will be encouraged by what we have been working on and have planned for 2015!


Click here to help with hosting and server fees

For a long time now fans have been requesting numerous lossless shows to be posted for download. We are happy to oblige and for a while we have had a few select shows available, however we can no longer afford the cost to host lossless files on site.

This does not mean we will not offer tape trading, and we do still plan on hosting shows again in the near future on using our own resources. 

How you ask? 

Over the past year I have saved up my own money and currently run a Linux based server with 15 TB of space with a 2.8 double core processor. 

Impressive? Not really, it's ok, technically in computer geek terms it need to be A LOT  better to host hundreds of DMB shows with the bandwidth support multiple user downloads.

So our overall goal this year and moving forward is to get a sufficient server (in house) that will support all DMB related media for 

Here's a taste of what that will look like:

For example, here is a Dave & Tim show from September 29, 1994. Some features may change one we are able to launch, but you will be able to download shows in lossy format in full or by individual tracks if you choose.


If you are looking to help volunteers on dbtp or have questions about our planning for lossless shows on the website you can contact us here. 

Thank you for your consideration to help us with 2015 Hosting & Sever Fees! We look forward to an exciting 2105 filled DMB year!