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Snowy Days, Fade Away


Thank you to all who have donated. These funds help us keep running. Without your help we would no longer be able to keep hosting all the media we have on site among others. We are still only half way to our goal with 23 days left, so we very much appreciate any support you can give.

We are not in the business of making money, it is simply a cruel evil that is needed to keep this website a float.

Over the past 8 years there have been some challenges, but we continue to do what we do because we love Dave Matthews Band, yes, but more so because of the fans. The love and compassion is evident through the fan base, because it bleeds through the band.  

Here is one prime example and a request from to the DMB fan base receives many emails from various people, many of them DMB fans, some not. At the end of the day life is not about money or material things, its about relationships.

DMB music does a lot of different things and feed many different emotions for all of us, but then reality hits you in the face again, life can be so cruel sometimes.

One particular email we received described a very tragic story of a fellow DMB fan, whom was a victim of some very serious domestic violence last year. Details are not needed, but she almost died, she was in a coma for days.

By the grace of God, she lives to tell her story and like may of us in this country, we are living paycheck to paycheck, barely making enough money to put food on the table.

We would love nothing more than to help her and a friend get to a show this summer. So is calling on the compassion and love that we know exists and ask for a donation of any kind, big or small, to help get her back to we all love to be!

There are still giveaways you can claim for making a donation, new items will be added soon, so check back. Also the highest donor will receive the 2008 Berkeley tour poster.