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Live Trax 29: Blossom Music Center - June 1st, 2013

The 29th installment of the Live Trax Series highlight a great show from the 2013 Summer tour, with plenty of highlight to remember. 

Driving with the force of the classic "Nancies" > "Warehouse" opener which had not seen that combo in quite some time. The band seemed to pull out all the stop in this show, with performances of long overdue "Captain", and "Say Goodbye", which was only 1 of 4 performances all summer. A full band "Save Me", the latest Some Devil tune that the band has played on and in 2013 introduced the first live performances of "Oh", in a full band format, although performed Dave solo. A mix of old and new, rounding out with the DMB anthem that is "Ants Marching" 

There are arguably a few other shows from the 2013 tour that could have been selected for a Live Trax nod, but this show gives just about a taste of everything that is DMB. 

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