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Live Trax 4 Vinyl Released for Record Store Day 2014


Dave Matthews Band will be releasing there 4th reissue of the Live Trax series as part of Record Store Day on April 19th. According to Wax Poetic, this is confirmed that Live Trax 4 will be released on vinyl on Record Store Day with a limited release of 2,000 copies in stores.

Live Trax 4 is the epic "Crash Release Show" on 04/30/96 which was originally released on September 2nd, 2005. It would be a treat to have a copy of this in vinyl, but as we've seen in Record Store Day's past, sometimes easier said than done. 

This release is still a big jump from last years very limited blue press vinyl which was only printed 500 copies. 

While it might be possible that this LP would be sold in the dmband store at a later date, you might want to head out on April 19th to get a copy. 

If you have never experienced Record Store Day, we would encourage you to go out, support your local record stores and check out the festivities.