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dbtp will roll on...

Thank you DMB fans for your ongoing support. We look forward to providing 2015 tour content!  

Fees are due on Feb 1st for all of the media that is hosted here on the website.

Any other year I can personally cover additional costs that we do not receive from fan supported donations. Unfortunately I can not do that this year. This year I cannot. If I can not pay our hosting fees in time I will be forced to temporarily pull all media (MP3s/ect) from the site until dues are paid. 

We are currently $100 short of that goal. Ticket requests are among us, so clearly a Fansite ask for a donation is not ideal, I know... You can help us at any time throughout the year, because it cost $ to host this website all year long. 


If we do not reach our $100 goal by January 31st, we will do everything in our power to make the absence of media as temporary as possible.  

this website is 100% non-profit and free and any funds collect are only used to support hosting and server hosting to run this website.  

Thank you for your support! don't burn the day...