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The Thrill of it All

studio 2015

There has been a lot of buzz about DMB recording in the studio. Pictures are surfacing on Twitter, on Tumblr, and at many of the fan sites. Wishful thinking has fans searching for more details. Just last year there had been talk that the boys were headed back to the studio and then a quote appeared from Stefan Lessard that said with the summer tour approaching , they were putting a hold on the project. And here we are, springtime of 2015 and the buzz has begun again. 

This band, with the never ending amount of live productions and the posting of numberous versions of every tune, never stops. From touring every summer, winter shows in smaller venues for Dave and Tim to Rashawn appearing with Usher and showing up on the Motown Anniversary Special. Jeff has  been Involved in jazz festivals, released a CD with the Mu' tet. group and just weeks ago Mexico City enjoyed DMB for the first time! And now the Summer tour begins in 6 weeks!

And the fans want more! It's like we never get enough.

Just this weekend, on a band member's Twiiter account a picture appeared with the caption, "guess what we have been up to..."  Is that official enough? Can we begin to hope that it's true and we may be hearing some new tunes this summer? Are we  going to be treated to some "firsts" during the summer of 2015?

Some fans can remember the debut of "Write a Song" at USANA Amitheater in 2010, some can remember the first time they heard "Sweet" in Chicago, or when they were in the audience in Rutherford,NJ at the IZOD Center for the debut of "Drunken Soldier". Going further back stories are told about the band's small beginnings and hearing the band during their earliest days. To be part of the formation of a song, and to be present for a first is always exciting. Sometimes the studio version of a song turns into quite a different sound when it's live....especially with DMB. 

So we will continue to hold our breath, waiting to see if all the buzz is true and new music is coming. Songs to enlighten, songs to soothe, song to move us emotionally and physically! The trill of it all! 

The music that inspires us is coming... Are you ready?  

2105 studio 2