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"Ya'll look good tonight"

dmb summer 2015

It has begun!  

Summer tour 2015 is in full swing! 

The set lists have been posted, posters have been printed, t shirts are helping us put claim on the shows we have attended. We even have a new tune that has been introduced to us. 

There are fans of the Dave Matthews Band that are seeing their first show this season and some who have been loyal followers, attending multiple shows every year. We have some who study Carter's style on the drums and others who think Tim is a guitar god. There are Dave lovers and those who follow Stephan on Instagram. All fans, no matter how involved they are in this band, come together each summer awaiting the night that will carry them through until the next time. First timers become hooked, and long time fans look at calenders to determine when to take another vacation day. 

So let's have a great summer, listening, sharing pictures and stories. Let's come together to sing and dance. To meet up with old friends and welcome new ones.  

Let hope we will give our keys to a friend if we have indulged too much. Let's pick up our garbage and leave only our footprints. Let's be kind - always. And have the best of what's around!