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Don't Throw Away Your Playful Beginings

What kind of fan are you? 

We all have a different way prepare ourselves for a Dave Matthews band concert. Do you have a tradition? Or do you just go with the flow?

There are some who pack up the car with drink and food, blankets and lawn chairs, tents and wood for a Bon fire after the show. We have all seen cars with  "celebrate we will" or "DMB or bust" painted on the rear window. some  of us have spent an entire weekend camping and partying with other fans.  

Then, there are those who carry nothing. Some fans don't have tickets yet, they travel without accommodations and don't even worry about where they will lay their head down at the end of the night. Some fans just stroll-from group to group- meeting new friends as they go, knowing that one way or another, it will all be great! They treat it as all part of the experience.  

At home, as we anticipate "our show", excitement grows! We hear about new songs played, opening and closing songs, as well as guest appearances. We read articles published in Rolling Stone Magazine, and begin the countdown to "our day." The online community has grown from not only discussion about DMB and the latest show, but to fans who stream the concerts, live- as they are happening- and a site for fans who are collectors of the concert posters. Sites that are keeping tabs on setlist, hours played at each venue and a list of which tunes were played and for what length. The community has grown and has every niche imaginable covered. After all, there are many different types of fans with different levels of needs. 

Gone are the day when you purchase a ticket and wait impatiently for the day to arrive, it seems. Gone is the surprise of what new tune might you hear, especially if you are on a group site? Setlists, podcasts, streaming and critics are abundant online and there in plenty for fans who cannot get enough. 

This information is all good and has merit for those who need to know. It is at our fingertips, as is everything else under the sun. We are a in a time right now that we can instantly find out whatever we need to know. We can build friendships and interest groups within minutes.

Although, some fans long for the simpler days. When a concert was a night to kick back, hear some great music on a summer night, have a drink or two- and that's it. Some never need to know #41 was a 13.5 minute song. Some fans don't care in the least about the show last week when "Shake Me Like A Monkey" closed the show... For the 3rd night in a row. All they know,is that the show they just rocked out at was awesome and the best show they had ever experienced!  

From the fan who needs to know everything, to the fan who lives in the moment, let's try to remember that this band is about great music, about collaboration, about having a great experience in whatever way you want.

New fans, young and old, fanatic to fan-

Respect, Acceptance and LoVE.