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2018 Summer Tour!! Celebrate We Will!


Finally! The day we have been waiting for has come! After a year on hiatus, Dave Matthews Band is coming to a town near you!

This past year, the fans have been holding on to every bit of information they could muster up. A band who toured every summer for the past 25 years , vanished. Those who looked hard enough though could find Dave and Tim Renoylds touring, they could find Jeff Coffin traveling the globe, putting out a Christmas album and even teaching his craft to others. Boyd Tinsley busied himself with his band entitled Secret Garden and appeared with them many times.

But the fans want them together. They want the sound that soothes their hearts and awakens their souls. They want to jam to the sounds that can only be made when these guys play together.

And today hope has been restored!

Today the summer tour of 2018 was announced! Tour dates, rules for ordering tickets through the Warehouse and calendars were flipping from far and wide. Could you hear them? There appears to be some changes this year in the schedule., some welcomed some ...not so much. So far, no word on Alpine, but the Gorge has made its appearance!

As new information becomes available and vacation time is figured out, fans will come together this summer and could not be happier! A year was too long to wait! Check out the schedule and start making plans. Tickets are available through The Warehouse to reserve now and are available to the public on February 2nd, 2018.

A new album has been confirmed to be available this summer as well. New songs with new lyrics to devour. The question is will they be songs we’ve heard before that haven’t been put on an album ~ or all new tunes!

More to look forward to from this band and it looks as though this summer will be the best of what’s around!

2018 Dave Matthews Band Summer Tour   

05/18/18 - THE WOODLANDS, TX
05/19/18 - DALLAS, TX
05/22/18 - AUSTIN, TX
05/26/18 - ATLANTA, GA
05/27/18 - ORANGE BEACH, AL
05/29/18 - BRANDON, MS
05/30/18 - ROGERS, AR
06/05/18 - SYRACUSE, NY
06/06/18 - CLARKSTON, MI
06/07/18 - CINCINNATI, OH
06/09/18 - BRISTOW, VA
06/12/18 - GILFORD, NH
06/13/18 - GILFORD, NH
06/15/18 - CAMDEN, NJ
06/16/18 - CAMDEN, NJ
06/22/18 - MANSFIELD, MA
06/23/18 - HARTFORD, CT
06/27/19 - DARIEN CENTER, NY
06/29/18 - CHICAGO, IL
06/30/18 - CHICAGO, IL
07/01/18 - MILWAUKEE, WI
07/06/18 - NOBLESVILLE, IN
07/07/18 - NOBLESVILLE, IN
07/10/18 - TORONTO, ON
07/11/18 - OTTAWA, ON
07/1718 -  WANTAGH, NY
07/18/18 - HOLMDEL, NJ
07/20/18 - RALEIGH, NC
07/24/18 - CHARLOTTE, NC
07/25/18 - TAMPA, FL
07/27/18 - WEST PALM BEACH, FL
07/28/18 - WEST PALM BEACH, FL
08/24/18 - ENGLEWOOD, CO
08/25/18 - ENGLEWOOD, CO
08/28/18 - BEND, OR
08/31/18 - GEORGE, WA
09/01/18 - GEORGE, WA
09/02/18 - GEORGE, WA
09/07/18 - STATELINE, NV
09/08/18 - MOUNTAIN VIEW, CA
09/10/18 - LOS ANGELES, CA