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Swimming In The River
It’s Labor Dave Weekend! That time of year when 20,000 dedicated Dave Matthews Band enthusiasts make their pilgrimage to Washington State for three days of camping, fun, friendship, awe-inspiring nature, and, of course, music. Sadly, I have yet to make this trip, but it is an absolute on my bucket-list. And although, I’m sure it doesn’t compare to the live adventure, this year, at least, I will be watching the shows online which is a fantastic option for those of us who couldn’t swing the travel.   
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Dream Little Darling
Sometime last summer, I was discussing my fantasy Dave Matthews Band set-list with my husband. Predictably, I listed many of my usual favorites including “Bartender,” “One Sweet World,” “#41,” “Pig,” and “Granny,” (although I noted that “Pig,” and “Granny,” aren’t typically played on the same night). But hey, this wasn’t about probability, it was about desire, so I went all out and said, “And ‘Captain,‘ I would be SO happy if they played ‘Captain.‘ But they won’t, I mean they haven’t since 2004, and that was only once...” Apparently, I forgot which band I was talking about, because with DMB all things are possible.
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