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Warehouse (Lyrics)

In the early days of 92-93, the song frequently featured a "Shortin' Bread" interpolation towards the end of the song. After the summer of 1994, the last verse evolved beyond the mere repetition of "That's my blood down there".

Starting in 1995, a stop-time intro began to occasionally be played during full-band versions. After 1996, every full band performance of this song has included a stop-time intro. In 1999, fans from the original nancies mailing list began organizing to chant "Woo!" during the stop-time intro.

By the summer of 2000, the "Woos" caught on and are now a standard crowd chant at the start of every Warehouse. Dave and Tim versions have continued to contain the original intro, as well as a "Passion" Intro where Dave interpolates the vocal chords from Peter Gabriel's Passion.

Starting in 2003, the jam evolved what has come to be known as the 'salsa jam' outro with a more celebratory 'salsa' vibe. Dave has also interpolated "Louie, Louie" a few rare times during the outro.

Hey reckless mind
Don't throw away your playful beginning
You and I let us fumble around in the touches
And be sure to

Leave all the lights on
So I can see the black cat changing colors
And walk under ladders
And travel my eyes over you
Hey we have found
Becoming one in a million Slip into the crowd
This question I found in the gap in the sidewalk

Keep all your sights on
The black cat changing colors
I can walk under ladders v And swim as the tides choose to turn me

And here I sit
Life goes on, end of tunnel, TV set
Spot in the middle
Static fade, statistic bit
And soon I fade away, fade away

This I admit
Taste so good, hard to believe an end to it
Smell touch feel
How could this rhythm ever quit
Bags packed on a plane
Hopefully to heaven
Shut up I'm thinking
I had a clue now it's gone forever
Sitting over these bones
You can read in whatever you're needing to

Keep all your sights on
The big bad black cat that's
Changing colors

It's not the colors that matter
But that they'll all fade away

This I admit
Seems so full
Hard to believe an end to it
Warehouse is bare
Nothing at all inside of it
Walls and halls have disappeared

My love I love to stay here
In the warehouse

Although not contained in the album liner notes lyrics, the following intro lyrics are present on the album and on many live versions:

"Said, 'I'm leaving.'
This warehouse frightens me.
got me tied up in knots
can't rest for a moment
Said, 'I'm going'
now I'm slipping slow away
Hoping to find something better than I've got inside of here
And the warehouse slips away..."


Lyrics Commonly Heard at the end of live performances:

That's my blood down there.
Seems poured from the hands of angels.
And trickle into the ground.
Leave the Warehouse so bare and empty.
And my heart's numbered beat,
will echo in this empty room.
And the fear wells in me.
Til nothing seems big enough to stay
So, I'm going away.
I'm going away.
Lucky, lucky day.

Alternate Lyrics


hey oh will you
lend over when the time is coming
time trickling you
and over let it light
i notice it see
did it while it will worry
and the black cat changing colors
well you lightly walk lie
and nobody red light light and

my t.v. feel like woman too
and not under way lay
he come too
and wonder the lay way
it seem to
sail away
some way
light light way

hey boyd will you
and coming tell it only worry
time tickle you
and the reason tell it light
i come back i come back
and tear at my woman
see the light cat changing colors
and you lightly wore the light
say the land of my way light light and

my boy oh leave
him come too
you tell him to way lay
he come too
a dancing with my dancing mirror
it sung too
tell away
turn away
light light
come the way lay
you'll sing too
i wouldn't the way lay
coom coom coo
i would not if you want to stay
it's still ok
sell away
turn away
lucky lucky

hey boy will you
i'm coming here
this leaving lightly
time will wail on you
and call it tell it like
i want back i come back
i tire in you sending
when your black cat changing colors
and you lightly wore the light
and know how done and to wear
light light feels
i know my scene
he'll come back
i'm dancing with my dancing mirror
tim tap turn
and everybody see this scene
him bad too
turn away
turn away
light and
oh the way lay
him be too
i would not but like to say
him be too
and everybody to help me
see him become
tell away
turn away
lucky lucky

my love my love does die here
my love my love does die here
my love my love does die here
at the warehouse
at the warehouse
see him go right light
in the warehouse
him man tickle him
in the warehouse
take him take him out
take it back back back
back back back oh
let's stay
let's go let's go tell away
tell away
little little day

Other Working Titles: The Bourbon Song, Anytime We Can Stop