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#34 (Lyrics)

This song made a brief span of appearances in early 1993. It was inspired by and written for Miguel Valdez, a percussionist who sat in with the band in 1992 and who passed away in early 1993. It was finally released in 1994 on Under the Table and Dreaming (track #34) as an instrumental track. It is also co-written by Haines Fullerton, an early collaborator who took his own life in September 1996. The song made a surprising comeback on 7.9.05 after a few teases earlier in the tour. This is currently the longest comeback in DMB history, at 4491 days between performances, or a little over 12 years.

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#40 (Lyrics)
Original lyrics to #40. This song is also know as "Always". Probably on of the most teased songs in DMB history, however Dave has played somewhat of a full version through the years with the most recent performance being on 06.21.08. The are almost always inconsistent. 
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Best of What's Around, The (Lyrics)
"BOWA" is one of those songs that has been around since the beginning, yet hasn't changed much throughout the years. In the early years, it was often played as a Dave solo feature early on in the setlist. As the years passed, its role remained strong as a great song to play early in the setlist to set the dmb mood for a show. It has one of the lowest all-time average setlist slot numbers (4.3). It also briefly served as a great 1-2 combo after the old Two Steps of 94-95. In 2000, the song served as a feature for the Lovely Ladies, who added their voices to the spirit of the song. Surprisingly, the Spring 2002 tour was the first tour in which BOWA was as a missing song. - dmbalmanac
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Big Eyed Fish (Lyrics)
Also known as "One Eyed Fish" this is one of the few songs to have been teased in concert before it was fully played. Having been recorded in the Lillywhite Studio Sessions, Big Eyed Fish was released through a demo leak and became incredibly popular with fans. Known to have been soundchecked in 2000, fans knew the song had a high potential to be played in 2001 and drew up signs for it early on on the 2001 summer tour. And as the teases foreshadowed, the song made its debut in the encore of 5.14.01 as "Fish Monkey Man" on the 2001 Summer Tour. It quickly developed into the band's showpiece as classic 1-2 combo with Bartender featuring Roi on the Pennywhistle bridge. Since then, it has only been played full band a few times without preceding Bartender. When it is played into Bartender, song time ends as soon as Boyd's droning intro becomes the most prominent thing you hear. - dmbalmanac
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