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Gas Into Fire (Lyrics)

This song originated as an interlude with lyrics played prior to 'What Would You Say' on 6.17.04. The riff was also teased several other times later on in the tour.

It was original mislabeled as "Cigarette Lit", before it was identified as a different song altogether. Eventually, it came to be identified as "Gas Into Fire", "Interlude", or "6/17/04 improv" by different sources in the fan community.

While this is really an unknown song, the current label "Interlude/Gas Into Fire" is used in order to differenciate it from other unknown songs / improvs that were also teased during the same tour.

Murdered in this thought and came falling
This is all you did
Like throwing gas into fire
My friends
Light him on a stake
God and TNT
Blow it away
Like the ambulance with no sirens
Came to blow you away

G, unreleaseddbtp