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#40 (Lyrics)
Original lyrics to #40. This song is also know as "Always". Probably on of the most teased songs in DMB history, however Dave has played somewhat of a full version through the years with the most recent performance being on 06.21.08. The are almost always inconsistent. 
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Break For It (Lyrics)
This song was soundchecked several times, beginning in 2006, but it has yet to be played at a show. Stefan has said that the band's title for the song was "Break for It," although it had been labeled "Run While We Can" and "Run While You Can" by fans.
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Cigarette Lit (Lyrics)
This song remains unreleased. This is a B-side taken from "Some Devil"In a Guitar World interview, Dave is quoted as saying, "With Some Devil, there was one song we axed called "Cigarette Lit," which despite being a great song didn't end up on the album because it was slightly oversized; it's chest was a little too full compared to everything else. When I rejected it, I asked myself, 'Am I being a moron?' Now, I'm happy with that decision. Sometimes you have to let things be what they are."
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