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What You Are (mp3)

(2001-03-12) (dave solo) (7.3M)

(2001-03-15) (dave solo) (7M)

(2001-04-21) (11M) - first time played full band

(2001-07-23) (13M)

(2002-05-04) (4M)

(2002-07-05) (15.3M)

(2002-07-17) (4.9M) - lyrics from "Save Me" in intro

(2002-07-31) What You Are Intro (5.7M) - extended intro

(2002-07-31) (12M)

(2003-07-03) What You Are with Intro (14M)

(2003-07-03) (10M)

(2003-07-06) (12.8M) - Trouble interpolation in the intro; The intro to What You Are is now longer than the song itself and includes very structured lyrics and music

(2003-07-27) (16.6M)

(2003-09-08) What You Are Intro (3M)

(2003-09-08) (13.7M)

(2006-06-16) What You Are Intro (8M)

(2006-06-16) (11.6M) - selected for The Best of What's Around Vol. 1 Encore Disc (part of the outro edited out of official release)

(2006-07-08) (10.2M)

(2008-06-04) (12.9M)

(2008-06-09) (8.9M) - "Lying in the Hands of God" lyrics in intro

(2010-07-10) (12.8M) - includes prelude

(2010-11-12) (16.6M) - slow intro with first two verses (song restarts normally afterward)

(2013-05-17) (11.4M) - includes prelude