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Also Sprach Zarathustra (mp3)

Also known as "2001" because it is featured in Stanley Kubrick's film 2001: A Space Odyssey. It evolved as an intro into the old school Ants Marching of 1992–1993. The band stopped playing it in 1993, but LeRoi and Rashawn began interpolating it into Anyone Seen the Bridge in 2008.

(1993-02-06)  (3.9M) - First Time Played

(1993-02-26)  (9M)

(1993-03-02)  (13.2M)

(1993-03-06)  (14M)

(1993-03-09)  (9.7M)

(1993-03-16)  (10M)

(1993-03-20)  (8.5M)

(1993-03-23)  (13.9M)

(1993-03-24)  (17.3M)

(1993-05-04)  (10.7M)

(1993-06-21)  (12.7M)