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Little Red Bird (mp3)

Little Red Bird is a song released on the Big Whiskey and the Groogrux King bonus disc, also titled Little Red Bird.

(2009-12-10) (dave & tim) (4M) - first time played

(2009-12-12) (dave & tim) (13.9M)

(2010-06-25) (dave solo) (11.2M) - first time played by Dave solo; Dave explained that a one-legged red bird that he saw while visiting an island in the Indian Ocean inspired the song.

(2010-07-03) (dave solo) (9M)

(2010-07-16) (dave solo) (9.7M) - released on The Big Apple bonus disc (Warehouse version)

(2014-06-28) (4.8M) - acoustic (Carter & Dave only)

(2014-08-30) (6.0M) - acoustic (dave solo) first time played as an opener