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Spaceman (mp3)

(2009-04-14) (8.9M) - first time played

(2009-04-15) (12.2M)

(2009-04-17) with Danny Barnes (11M)

(2009-04-18) Spaceman (11M) - with Danny Barnes (banjo) and John D'Earth (trumpet)

(2009-09-04) with Danny Barnes (9.2M)

(2011-09-16) (14.8M) - Leaving on a Jet Plane interpolation

(2012-05-25) with Stanley Jordan (13.8M) - Stanley on electric guitar. First time Stanley Jordan has guested

(2013-06-06) (10.2M) - drum intro

(2014-06-27) (10M) - Carter solo intro; with Bela Fleck on Banjo