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Mercy (mp3)

(2012-04-24) (dave solo) (6M) - Performance on Late Night with Jimmy Fallon; first time played; Captain Kirk on acoustic guitar and backing vocals

(2012-05-18) Mercy (9.9M) - first time played full band; Dave switches to piano after the lyrics

(2012-05-22) (10M)

(2012-05-26) (12.4M) - dedicated to Steve Lillywhite, who was in attendance

(2012-06-02) (10.4M)

(2012-07-15) (6.9M) - first time played Dave & Tim

(2013-06-08) (20.8M) - with Mark Whitfield on electric guitar

(2013-07-17) (16.5M) - with Carlos Malta on Flute