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Improv Jams (mp3)

(1991-10-21) Water Drum Jam (6.5M) - labeled as "Water Drum Jam" on the tape. Time incomplete due to cut in recording

(1992-03-24) (5.4M) - Boyd and LeRoi Jam

(1992-05-06) ABC Jam (19.9M) -Commonly referred to as "ABC Jam" for it's Jackson 5 cover sound

(1992-05-20) Improv Jam (20.7M)

(1992-06-17) Improv Jam (11M)

(1992-06-27) Improv Jam (6.3M) 

(1992-06-27) Improv Jam with Kristen Asbury  (29.4M)

(1992-06-27) Improv Jam (7.2M) 

(1992-07-08) Improv Jam (8.2M)

(1992-07-21) Improv Jam (9.6M)

(1992-07-31) Stefan Solo > Improv Jam (8.7M)

(1992-08-04) Don't Wanna Be Jam (9.5M) - Time estimated due to cut in recording

(1992-09-01) Carter LeRoi Jam (7.6M) - begins as a Carter solo, then Roi joins in, then eventually the rest of the band joins

(1992-09-11) Penis Song (892K) - dave solo - Throughout the set, he kept mentioning how a girl had a penis drawn on her hand (that's how the frat boys marked entry into the house). Dave turned it into a joke about his crewman Fenton (of "do it for Fenton" fame), claiming it was modeled after his penis. He then proceeded to go into this joke blues improv jam (historically labeled "The Penis Song") about the girl with the penis on her hand.

(1992-09-30) Come Together (tease) - Her Majesty - Unknown Song.mp3 (2.9M) - Dave speaks the lyrics; Dave was having people in the audience tell him their names while he changed his strings, and as he was saying their names back to them ("I got Paige... I got Muffy"), he went into the lyrics of Come Together. The "unknown song" is a cappella; This song doesn't seem to be improvised, as Dave says before it, "What other songs do I know that you could do that way [a cappella]?" but we cannot identify what the song actually is. It's most likely some lyrics that Dave wrote himself that never turned into a proper song.

(1992-10-14) Improv Jam (4.6M)

(1992-10-27) Improv Jam (11.2M) - possibly an early precursor to The Space Between

(1992-11-03) (6.8M) - Griesar Jam

(1992-11-03) (6.9M) - Introduction Jam - Based around Boyd introducing everyone and then Dave introducing Boyd. 

(1992-11-11) (10.4M) - Improv Jam

(1992-12-11) (5.5M) Boyd Tinsley Jam

(1992-12-11) (13.2M) Improv Jam; Little Drummer Boy Interpolation

(1992-12-28) Broken String Jam (13.8M) - Dave breaks a string, the band jams while he is fixing his guitar

(1992-12-29) Spotlight Intro (3.2M) -Dave/Peter prelude played prior to Spotlight

(1993-01-06) (21.1M) Cville Allstars: Based around the theme of "Woody Woodpecker". Dedicated to Dizzie Gillespie who died that day. 

(1993-01-12) Cville Allstars: Wood Woodpecker Jam (10M) - with Darrell Rose (percussion), Doug Wanamaker (keyboards), Houston Ross (bass), John D'Earth (trumpet), Johnny Gilmore (drums), Mike Durham (electric guitar), LeRoi (horns), Tim (guitar); based around the theme from Woody Woodpecker

(1993-01-20) Improv Jam (10.8M)

(1993-01-30) Improv Jam (8.3M) 

(1993-02-11) Improv Jam (9.5M) 

(1993-03-17) Boyd Improv Jam (2.1M) - Lead by Boyd; Doug Wanamaker on Keyboards

(1993-03-24) Improv Jam (1.4M)

(1993-06-15) Blues Jam (3.1M)

(1993-06-16) (1.7M)  - Spmeone in the band yells "Play some funk," after Dave mentions that Boyd didn't take a shower that day.

(1993-06-23) ABC Jam (5.6M) - This is in response to Dave breaking a string. Carter and LeRoi, to kill time, broke into ABC, and eventually everyone joined in to the jam.

(1993-06-24) (5.6M) - Based around dueling Banjos; Call to the post interpolation

(1993-06-26) (4.3M) - Based around dueling Banjos

(1993-07-06) (2.2M) - with Greg Howard on Chapman Stick

(1993-07-07) (3.3M) - Improv Jam 1 with Greg Howard on Chapman Stick

(1993-07-07) (6.7M) - Improv Jam 2 with Greg Howard on Chapman Stick

(1993-10-07) Untitled Stefan Jam (10.8M) - time estimated due to cut in recording; introduced by Dave as a song by Stefan

(1993-11-24) Tri-Poetics Jam (9.4M) - This "jam" includes a DJ and two guys rapping from Tri-Poetics on top of Carter's drumming and a solo by Boyd

(1993-12-01) (11.9M) - with Tri-Poetics on vocals

(1993-12-07)  (9.3M) - with Tim Reynolds

(1994-02-04) Summertime Jam (15.2M) - Played during the soundcheck

(1994-02-22) (3.9M) - Improv Jam

(1994-04-13)  (7.9M) - Improv Jam

(1994-05-04)  - Making Toast Improv (dave & tim)

(1994-07-21) (18.1M) - Soundcheck Jam

(1994-11-17) Talk to Me Jam (9M) - this song sounds rehearsed and not just an improv jam; the lyrics "Talk to Me" are repeated near the end

(1995-08-25) Improv Jam (2.6M) - dave solo

(1995-12-31) (2.7M) - New Year's Resolution Jam

(1996-02-11) Radar Contact (dave & tim) (6M) - This version is sometimes known as the "Green Acres Jam". The song is a Tim Reynolds original.

(1996-02-18) (3.7M) - Janine Improv (dave & tim) 

(1996-04-30) Richmond Jam (12M)

(1996-06-12) (4.4M)  - Improv Jam

(1996-08-01) Getting Higher Jam (6.2M)

(1996-12-03)  (3.5M) Improv Jam

(1996-12-31) Dueling Banjos Improv Jam (5.4M) - Based around "Dueling Banjos"; Auld Lang Syne interpolation; with Bela Fleck and the Flecktones

(1997-01-14)  (2.2M) Improv Jam 1 (dave & tim)

(1997-01-14)  (2.5M) Improv Jam 2 (dave & tim)

(1997-01-15)  (8.3M) Improv Jam (dave & tim)

(1997-01-29)  (1.8M) Improv Jam (dave & tim)

(1997-06-07) Lets Go Flyers Jam (1.3M) - Carter and Dave jamming to the crowd's "Let's Go Flyers" chant

(1997-07-02) Take a Photograph Jam (3M)

(1998-05-31)  (3.9M) Improv Jam; Jam begins similar to #36 and ends with Dave hinting on the notes to Satellite

(1998-08-20)  (2.2M) with Tim Reynolds

(1998-10-30)  (6.4M) with Tim Reynolds and Greg Howard

(1998-10-31) Drum Intro to Halloween (2.5M)

(1998-11-04)  (3.4M) with Tim Reynolds

(1999-01-24)  (8.5M) - Tim Solo Improv

(1999-02-03)  (5.7M) Improv Jam (dave & tim)

(1999-05-08)  (2.1M) Improv Jam

(1999-05-30)  (4.8M) Carter & Futureman Improv

(2000-06-30) (1.6M) Improv Jam

(2000-12-13) Pantala Naga Pampa Jam (1.5M) - based on the first chord of Pantala Naga Pampa

(2001-05-06)  (11.7M) 2001 Jazzfest Superjam - Carter on Drums - Improv Jam

(2001-05-06)  (5.1M) 2001 Jazzfest Superjam - Carter Drum Solo

(2001-08-26) (3.9M) - Very basic repetitious instrumental  

(2002-04-04) Break the Bad Law Jam (4.3M)

(2002-04-21) How Many More  (7.7M) -played during the soundcheck. Also goes by the name "How Many Nails"

(2002-12-10) (2.6M) Improv Jam

(2002-12-11) Improv Jam (601K)

(2003-04-04) (4.6M) Improv Exodus Jam (dave & tim) 

(2003-07-03) Get Me High Jam (10.4M) -played during the soundcheck

(2003-07-30) (2.3M) Improv Jam

(2003-08-27) Somethings Burning Jam (4.6M)

(2004-06-29) Improv Jam (1.7M) -sounds similar to the off-key intro to Satellite played during various Dave & Tim performances; Dave briefly mumbles a few words

(2004-07-02) Improv Jam (3.3M) -includes Dave adlib

(2004-07-10) (6.7M) Improv Jam while Dave was offstage  

(2004-09-08)  (7.3M) Semi-structured Jam with improv lyrics - sounds a bit like the verses of "People People"

(2004-10-01)  (12.4M) Improv Jam with Lyrics

(2005-06-07) What She Said Jam (5.7M) -lyrics are based around the American Baby Intro, but the music is entirely different; played while Dave's IEM was being fixed

(2005-06-13) Robert Randolph Improv Jam (11.5M) - In an apparent nod to Michael Jackson's acquittal earlier this day, Stefan and Carter play "Thriller" while the rest of the band improvises

(2005-07-06) Improv Jam (2.2M) - Also goes by the name "Camden Interlude"

(2005-11-29) (2.8M) Improv Jam

(2006-06-10)  (3.0M) Improv Jam

(2006-06-20)  (4.2M) Butch Improv Jam

(2006-06-20)  (2.3M) Broken Snare Improv: Carter breaks a snare head during the Ant's intro. The band jams whiles it's fixed. Includes LeRoi and Rashawn playing "Also Sparach Zarathustra"

(2006-08-25)  (8.8M) with Robert Randolph; includes Louisiana Bayou, I Got A Woman/Golddigger, and Naughty Girl Interpolations

(2006-09-08)  (7.8M) with Robert Randolph

(2007-04-21) Improv Jam (2.5M) - dave solo; probably not actually improvised; just a riff that Dave thinks is "pretty"

(2007-04-22) Improv Jam (2.4M) - dave solo; Dave on baritone electric guitar; same as the one from the night before

(2008-06-13) Country Jam  (1.8M) - listed on the Road Page as "Country Jam (Improv)"

(2008-09-06) Fuzzy Wuzzy Improv Jam (8.2M) - listed on the Road Page as "Fuzzy Wuzzy (Improv)"

(2009-05-01) Improv Intro (8.3M)

(2009-09-10) (6.5M) Improv Jam

(2009-09-23) (4.3M) Improv Jam with Robert Randolph

(2009-09-25) I Got a Woman (partial) Improv (7.9M) - Gold Digger and Louisiana Bayou interpolation; with Robert Randolph

(2010-07-10) Improv Jam (3.6M) -"Forget Myself"

(2010-07-14) Improv Jam (1.7M)

(2010-11-02)  (1.8M) Improv Jam

(2010-11-13)  (2.8M) Improv Jam

(2011-09-18)  (5.0M) Tim Solo Improv (dave & tim)

(2012-05-25) Improv Jam (1.9M) - perhaps a tease/partial of a new song

(2012-06-05) Improv Jam (7.2M)

(2012-12-01) Country Blues Improv Jam.mp3 (3.9M)

(2012-12-04) Improv Jam (4.4M) - listed as "Country Blues Improv" on setlist

(2012-12-09) (1.1M) Improv Jam (dave solo) 

(2013-05-26) (2.2M) - listed as "Falsetto Improv" on dmband setlist page

(2013-07-06) (5.0M) Tim and Stanley Jam

(2013-07-06) (2.1M) Stefan Solo - with #34 and Let You Down Interpolations

(2014-05-31) (2.9M) Improv Jam

(2014-06-20) (4.2M) Improv Jam; acoustic 

(2014-06-21) (2.3M) Improv Jam

(2014-07-16) (2.2M) Improv Jam

(2014-07-18) (2.6M) Improv Jam

(2014-07-19) (2.4M) Improv Jam